Online Driver Application

DOT Compliant Online Driver Application For Employment

You no longer need to have truck drivers apply for a job by completing a paper application by hand. Move the entire process online with our online application for employment, designed specifically for truck drivers.

DOT compliance is vitally important and can be very tough and confusing to ensure you are compliant. We've done the work for you and our online application for truck drivers is 100% compliant according to DOT regulations. This includes requirements such as the previous 3 years of driver license history, previous 3 years of employment, previous 3 years of residences, experience requirements, violation requirements and much more.

When a driver applies for a job with your company, you are notified via email and the application is delivered to your account portal. From there, you can review the application and decide to start the driver file qualification process as required by DOT regulations. You may also print out the application in PDF format if you prefer to have a hard copy as well.

Complete Documents & Signatures Needed For Qualification File

Instead of trying to get the driver to complete the many different forms for qualification after you have decided to hire them, your online application has the driver complete and electronically sign them so everything is ready to go!

The application is a multi-step process and collects the following information (with electronic signatures) from each applicant:

  1. DOT compliant application for employment
  2. Photo copy of driver's licenses
  3. Photo copy of driver's medical certificate
  4. Documents regarding forfeitures, denials, revocations, etc.
  5. Signed 3 year violation and annual record review document
  6. Signed alcohol and drug test statement
  7. Signed previous employer history investigation documents
  8. Signed PSP report driver authorization
  9. Signed receipt for company alcohol and drug testing policy
  10. Signed receipt for company general work policy

Upon completion, not only are you notified, but the driver also receives a confirmation email that includes your company's drug and alcohol testing policy and your company's general work policy.

Fully Branded To Your Company

It is important that documents representing your company look like they come from your company. Like many other sections of our program, the application is fully branded to your business using your logo and contact information. You also receive a custom web address that you can put on other websites to drive applicants to your online application for employment.

Save & Return Functionality

Truck driver applications are long, require them to have documents ready and require a certain amount of time. Unfortunately, the driver is not always able to complete the application all at once. This can be due to time constraints, not having all the documents in place, questions or any other reason.

With our online application, drivers applying for your company can save the application and come back at any time! They just simply return to the web address they originally visited to apply and select Return To Application. They will enter their social security number and our system will fetch their previously started application and they can pickup where they left off!


Screenshot: DOT Compliant Online Driver Application For Employment.


Shown above, is a screenshot of the DOT Compliant Online Driver Application For Employment.