Motor Vehicle Reports

State Motor Vehicle Reports (MVRs) Service

DOTFocused is already set up to run most of all your U.S. MVR’s in a matter of hours. Most are automatically done when you click a button to run the MVR. You will then be notified that the MVR has been sent and you will be notified when the MVR is returned and placed into the driver's file for review.

Consider running MVR’s before you hire so you know what the driver's record looks like before putting them on the road. A small amount spent here can save thousands down the road later.

Order MVRs Automatically For Annual Reviews

By using DOTFocused and selecting automatic MVR’s, we will not only automatically run the MVR on your drivers each year when they are due, we will alert you that it will happen and then when the MVR is in the driver file ready for review. This takes the away the time of your safety officer having to set alerts for reviews, running the MVR and scheduling the annual review for your drivers.