DOT Driver Qualification Program


The #1 DOT Driver Qualification Program

Online DOT Driver Qualification Software

Are you looking for an better, cheaper and more efficient way to manage the DOT Driver Qualification Files for your drivers? If so, you're in the right place!

Our web-based software, DOTFocused, makes driver qualification files easier than ever! Our program will guide you through DOT qualifications for each driver, allowing you to complete the required files online via electronic forms or manually upload copies of your current forms.

The driver qualification doesn't stop after the initial requirements are met. Our system will keep track of when your driver's licenses and medical cards expire, when annual record reviews are due and assist in making sure your driver's stay qualified and compliant with DOT regulations.


Screenshot: Driver Qualification Software Dashboard

Shown above, the account dashboard allows you to quickly see important information such as upcoming annual reviews, non-compliant drivers, recent transactions and more!